Saturday, October 27, 2012

Chocolate covered goodness #Chocgoji

The first time I bought the milk chocolate Chocgoji,
we had just come home from our evening jog.
I put one into the boyfriend's mouth and asked him to guess what it was.
I nodded excitedly and handed the packet over.
Eat well. It's good for you! :)
He proceeds to -pour- the Chocgoji into his mouth.
Not like that!
You said it's good for me right?

These tiny red berries have 15x more antioxidants than cranberries and 50x more Vitamin C than oranges.
Now that's what I call a superfruit!
And not just a superfruit, it's now been coated with cocoa goodness to make it a healthy indulgence.

Thumbs up to YCT Manufacturing for taking care in ensuring that everyone can enjoy the benefits of their product with not just one but THREE variants of Chocgoji-
Milk chocolate, Dark chocolate and Sugarfree Chocolate.

Case in point?

At our breakfast run this morning at Singapore Botanical Gardens,
Mum wanted a hot chocolate.
How about Milk chocolate Chocgoji?

Dad needs a little sugar sometimes to regulate his sugar levels with Type II diabetes especially since we were going for our morning walk.
Sugarfree chocolate Chocgoji, Dad.
This one's okay for you to have a few.

And me?
Dark chocolate.
All that goodness of the raw cacao beans.
And deliciously chewy goji berries.
I'm all ready to go now!

The perfect snack before our morning walk.
Doesn't melt easily either. 
It'd keep well till post walk. :)

The proof is in the pudding, I mean, packet.
Grab a pack today to try it for yourself.
Details for their final islandwide in-store sampling!
Just for today and Sunday (28/10) at the following Cold Storage outlets:
Cold Storage @ Bugis
Cold Storage @ Centrepoint
Cold Storage @ Parkway Parade
Cold Storage @ Takashimaya
Cold Storage @ United Square
Cold Storage @ King Albert Park .
Cold Storage @ West Coast Plaza

Many thanks to Ms Angeline Kwa and YCT Manufacturing for their awesome new product.
Infusing the medical benefits of Chinese traditional healing remedies with Western dessert indulgences.
Love yourself.
Eat well with Chocgoji. :)

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