Thursday, October 18, 2012

jumbo riverfront @ indoor stadium

Just because it was Grandma's birthday,
these prawns were ordered with shells.
So that the grandparents could eat the heads. :)

The option with shells off although much easier to eat,
misses out on the crunch of the shells.
The cereal enhanced by the flavour of the curry leaf was subtly savoury,
but mostly sweet, light with a hint of spice from the chilli and totally addictive.

How do they do it?
Crispy skin.
While retaining the juices of the meat within.
Most parts.
The breastmeat was still evidently dry-ier.

Seafood fried rice.
Shreds of crab meat and prawns.
I didn't remember any scallops in this order.
There's something about this fried rice.
Pale in colour
Yet strong on the fragrance of eggs and seafood flavour.

Here's looking at you.
Come get me.
Because I'm simply delicious. :)

Nothing like these pops of deep fried mantous to dunk into the sauce.
One's never enough.

Bibs on.
And crab is served. :)

Lobster vermicelli.
You'd be surprised to find meat in the least expected places.
The feelers.
And be prepared to be pierced by their spiky exteriors.

My favourite takeout still.
Chock full of ingredients.
For a period of time they didn't include the fresh scallops but now they are back!
And they make me a very happy girl.

Daddy knows best.
And he always gives me the best.

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