Wednesday, October 03, 2012

The panic about freckles

On bananas that is.
When they get too ripe! :)
If you ask me, I'd just eat them.

No panic on my side.
But let's share some love.
Chop them up roughly and let's get them baked!

5 large eggs.

280 grams of caster sugar.
Adjust as necessary depending on the sweetness of your bananas.

Beat the eggs, sugar and 200 grams of canola oil

Make some banana cupcakes.
It's a lot easier to share the love. :)

I put on some chocolate nibs and walnut bits.
Decorate as you would!
I'd put rainbow sprinkles if they were for kids. :)

I don't know about you but the addition of toasted whole walnuts on loaves of banana cake make itlook absolutely scrumptious!
I forgot to save some banana slices and mixed them all into the cake batter.
But I'd remember to put some on top next time. :)

Credits to the recipe taken from

The cake that I baked was dense and very filling.
Goes down well with a cup of cold milk for a night snack but there's definitely a repeat attempt to see if I can make it soft and spongy next time round.
What affects the texture?
Especially with a recipe that uses a substantial amount of oil?
Perhaps I need to beat the eggs, sugar and oil for a longer period of time.

Let me know if you've tried and succeeded? :)

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