Wednesday, October 31, 2012

food for thought @ SBG

Local breakfast sets at $5 a pop.
And just for the early risers having breakfast before 10am,
have an add-on for a local coffee or tea at $1

Mee rebus

The noodles had a good bite.
The gravy was substantial and the ingredients evident.
The fibres of galangal, fragrance of peanut and thick taste of mashed sweet and regular potatoes.
I would've liked it more savoury than sweet though.
And you wouldn't like this if you were a carnivore.
No meat in sight!


Chicken laksa.
Slippery fat laksa noodles in a thick coconut spicy gravy.
Too heavy for breakfast!

Garlic mushrooms.
A substantial side portion at just $3.

A side option to be added on to my Basic works at $7.
That's a $10 breakfast plate.
That's pretty good value for the Tanglin area if you're asking me. :)
I would've liked my bacon crisped.
These were barely browned at the edges.
Aside from that,
the thick toast with butter was redolent with the fragrance of butter, soft and chewy all at the same time.
They have small dollops of kaya and peanut butter at the counter tops if you wanted some bread spread. :)
The scrambled eggs were done just right.

Although that was a 45 minute queue plus wait on a busy Hari Raya Haji Friday morning,
I'm pleased with my introduction of a new dining option to my parents.
But I'd think twice about morning exercise.
It started with THIS!
I'm too full to walk anywhere already. :p

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