Saturday, October 20, 2012

Saturday morning fever

Good morning world.
It's daybreak and we haven't slept at all.

We hopped into a cab hoping for some comfort food at Fong Seng Nasi Lemak only to see the shutters down illuminated only by the orange glow of the Buzz news stand.

It's alright.
Uncle, traffic light ahead turn right.
West Coast Market.
Just go straight.

Just for one hungry stomach.
3 in the North, just one in the West.
So we lost at open numbers.
Please proceed.
To bring us to no man's land.

Let's eat!

The cheong fun wasn't well steamed.
Translucent on the edges but the middle sections were still tough n rubbery.
I'm pretty sure he flirted with the auntie for the dollop of radish.
Tsk tsk.

I'm definitely biased when it comes to chwee kueh but I have standards alright.
The radish was salty oily.
Tremendously satisfying with the bland steamed rice cakes.
And just because you know I'd murder the chilli. :)

There never lived a plate of economical noodles so well devoured.
Oh sides.
Let me name thy sides to you.
Luncheon meat, fried chicken wing, cuttlefish patty, fried egg and cheese hotdog. oh my.
And it's unfair how you devour everything with a first name fried with no negative repercussions on your physique.
Health perhaps.
I imagine clogged arteries creeping up on you.

Nothing like a glass of hO Ho HO- hot horlicks. :)
2.5 hours of sleep and I'm out and about headed for home.

Could not be more satisfying.

So the only thing I wouldn't touch would be the intestines.
Everything else. :)
I loved the pickled vegetable ends.
Diced and cooked till soft (by duck fat) and sweet.

And as much as I never liked everything that looked like an internal organ,
I've started eating liver.
If only for its iron rich content.
A murky salted vegetable soup with liver and lean meat.

And a small bowl of kway.
Bliss came at a price of $11.70 for three.

Gotta love the Ang Mo Kio neighbourhood :)

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