Thursday, January 05, 2012

Zio Gigi in Florence

Searching on tripadvisor for dinner places (please take reviews with a pinch of salt. actually, maybe a gallon. depending on who writes them. just. try. reading. the. singapore. ones. the horrors! :p)
Zio Gigi was in the top twenties, located behind the musee duomo. It was a long walk to dinner. Maybe it just felt long because we were ravenous! And we had a cause to celebrate!
My almost twenty seventh birthday, their twenty eighth wedding anniversary. :)

Meat for mains. Dad is not the most adventurous when it comes to western food (in this case, Italian food). But with the many courses of a dinner order in Italy, if you order a meat, you basically just get meat. It is unlike the side salad and fries that we are very accustomed to back here at home.
Dad had to add on a side order of fries to feel like he ate a proper meal. Maybe that's his vegetable excuse. :) The meats were nicely grilled- check out the lovely char grilled lines. Not overcooked. The chicken was juicy and tender but the pork was a little dry, perhaps due to the lean quality of the meat.

Our first attempt at an order of gnocchi. It was. GOOD. Like crazily good. The potato gnocchi was cooked with just the right amount of bite. And the sauce was like molten gold. Not that I think molten gold might be appetizing at all but it was -that- kind of richness on your tongue once you take a bite of that baked goodness. Very filling. More excuses to share. :)

These tagliatelle ribbons were cooked al dente and tossed in a tomato based gravy of wild boar (!) meat. I know. How does that taste! It was. Meaty. There's no other suitable way of describing it. In the menu, it states that the wild boar meat is frozen meat. Nope, it did not taste frozen. It tasted like a cross between pork and beef and infused with tomato flavour for a tasty and juicy bite. Definitely for red meat lovers.

And this is what love looks like to me. :)

Happy anniversary.
A first in Italy and more in the years to come.

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