Thursday, January 05, 2012

San Jacopino. Eating like the Italians do.

Oh for a dinner that we starved ourselves for.
Italians have dinner at 730pm.
Restaurants open at 730pm for dinner. 630pm if you're really lucky.
Not leaving Florence without another shot at Jacopino's.
Zio Gigi was ... higher ended and lesser satisfaction.
For J's, it was four people's highly anticipated failproof dining. :)
And we ate like the Italians did!
Getting back from the outlet stores at 730pm, we walked. BRISK walked back to our place just to dump the stuff and tore down that short street for dinner.
Okay. Pronto pizza was open.
What pronto pizza?
That's for later. Dinner for now.

Now this my friends. At 6.50 Euros. Was awesome. Ricotta stuffed ravioli, slightly bitter rucola for that touch of green for a balanced diet, prawns for that taste of the sea all drowned in a blanket of delish sauce.
I have no idea what's in that sauce. It's cream. It's cheese. It's not too thick, just thin enough. Whatever for?
Good enough to be eaten on it's own or mopped up with bread. We learn from the tables around us ;)

Pronto pizza! Takeaway pizza palour functioning on overtime. The pizza boxes are flipped and filled. Sealed for deliveries that seem neverending.
There were bar counter seats if you'd prefer dine in. Or if you couldn't wait to devour pizza. :)
We lived down the street so we left space after dinner for this.
(It was after all, our last night in Florence :()
Now you see it, now you don't. He rolls out the pizza base, looks at the orders, takes rich handfuls on toppings to scatter generously around the pizza.

For the love of buffalo mozza. My brother chose Lady.
A pizza by any other name would taste as good on a crispy crust, tomato paste with buffalo mozza, parma de cotto (our most commonly familiar shaved ham). 
Shielding it from the cold, I ran back with my takeout box to set onto the table just waiting to savour the pizza. I of course slid off some of the topping in my hurry to keep it piping hot.
But really. topping tastes good on and off the pizza.
Although I'd much prefer buffalo mozza fresh, this was a new way to eat it.
You have to try this. Did I mention? 6.50 Euros.

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