Saturday, January 14, 2012

T restaurant

T Restaurant has been a landmark for almost 30 years at Nai Lert Market in Pratunam until development forced the restaurant out. Just further down the road from the Makkasan Railway Station that offers direct train access to the airport, it now offers a large array of their award winning seafood at their location just up the street on Rajprarob Road. Easy to spot, the restaurant has a large neon sign on the side of the building with a large crab and patrons enter to find the fresh catch of the day in large tanks of fish and seafood and a large dining area with huge chrome style pillars separating the space. The interior has not seen change for the past few times we've dined here and is becoming to look a little decrepit but there must be something that keeps us coming back...

If you haven't had a promfret steamboat. You ain't had nothing yet! This promfret fed a table of 12 people. I have no idea how much it must've weighed but it was fish that had good bite and a taste of simple fresh! The soup was boiled in charcoal steamboats close enough to the dining table so that you could get seconds or like me, thirds during the course of dinner.
Fresh garland chrysanthemum (tang oh) vegetable leaves are quickly blanched in the soup when it comes to a boil and placed at the bottom of the small soup bowl before two pieces of promfret and soup are spooned into the bowl. Naturally sweet tasting soup, fresh greens and firm pieces of promfret meat. This was good enough on its own and made better with their appetizing seafood sauce and green chilli :)

But then again, this was Bangkok and there's no better reason than being in the company of family and friends to get stuffed! Or no, let's put this into perspective. 
Now there's no better time to order everything on the menu that's awesome just because this time, we have the numbers to share these delights with!

So of course the promfret couldn't possibly be the first dish. It's too much of a show stopper. Spoilsport! :p

Crabmeat fried rice. The importance of generous servings of crabmeat as shown right here. The rice grains were loosely fried with egg and scallions with an evident breath of wok fire. The crabmeat fried rice here in Bangkok has always -shown- itself true. Pun entirely intended. This was crabby carbs totally worth their weight :)

These flower clams with their pretty prints. The sauce was savoury, a generous use of fish sauce and slightly spicy. Makes you want to put the shell into your mouths to eat the clams together with that awesomely addictive sauce.

I don't see oysters this size in Singapore. The eggy bits were thick and fluffy but it also came with a generous amount of cornstarch which you might skip if you didn't want to make this your carb staple. All this on a bed of raw beansprouts and spring onions which were lightly cooked on the hotplate which it was served on. It was oily, carbo laden and ohsoverygood, it was gone in a few servings. :)

I like my veggies, mushrooms and why wouldn't I sppreciate the addition of bamboo clams? :) The kale retain its green and crunchy stems. Mushrooms and bamboo clams soaking in the flavours of the oyster sauce in which it was stir fried. So much for grandma thinking these bamboo clams were pigs intestines. *shivers.

And here we had a quick advertisement break with the lady boss who came over and was so pleased to hear that we were diners from Singapore, the place where she sent her children for school before going onto universities. She's a very friendly and hospitable boss but don't bother about discounts. We tried asking in jest and all our comments on discounts and VIP cards were ignored. Somehow it was all about hearing the good things. :p

Bamboo shoots are one of those vegetables that could potentially kill if not cooked appropriately.Seems it isn't possible to buy these fresh from any of our local markets already. Grandma gets her stash from the markets in Johor and uses them to cook her HockChiew styled beehoon in thick soup. Now, these bamboo shoot slices had a crunch to them that spoke of fresh good stir frying. And a side kick of fresh prawns with some good bite made it all the better. :)

Just in case there wasn't enough food, why don't we have a pot of green mussels while we're at it. Something my dad has sworn off because he's got psychological issues. Lots of them. But I digress. So he sees them as fish bait and will not touch them at all. These green mussels were simply done with mint basil leaves, lemon grass, chopped garlic and chilli. The flavours weren't very much infused into the mussels or maybe we were just all too full by then.

Now all this was just one dinner. And if I forgot, these came in doubles. Two servings of everything for our party of 12. It was a party alright!

Have you tried this Chinese-Thai landmark and if you haven't, there's no time like the next Bangkok trip to do just that! :)

T restaurant.
78/12-16 Rajprarob Road,
Rajthevee, Payathai, Bangkok

 Thanks for dinner Uncle Aek!

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