Friday, January 06, 2012

ichiban desho :)

A new & updated menu.
Prices have also been accordingly revised.
I didn't see the salmon mentaiko but I did see my assorted sashimi gozen back on the menu.
Dinner with my cell for a birthday celebration.
9 days after the birthday and the celebrations are still on. :)
Makes it so much easier to love growing older, together with my friends at cell. <3
It was a brilliant change to my usual orders.
Ponzu sauce on my aburi salmon was not what I fancied. But the problem was the sauce. The salmon? Fresh. :)
The black peppered dory slices were thin and when fried, didn't let you taste much of fish at all. The wagyu beef steak was sublime. Kept hot throughout the meal, the slices were medium rare. Tender. Juicy enough with its fat content. That special sauce was salty but ohsoaddictive. Makes you want to ask for MORE rice but no, I stopped myself. From rice. But not from eventually finishing up the sauce.
Thank goodness for hot green tea!
Everything else on the set was the same.
And how do they always manage to have watermelon slices that taste so sweet!

Thanks for the love. In all those little ways.

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