Tuesday, January 10, 2012

delicious @ scotts square

With seven outlets in KL and Penang enjoying homegrown success,
this flagship outlet at Scotts Square in Singapore is the Eastern & Oriental Berhad Group's
first foray of its Delicious cafe into our shores.

The glass enclosed cafe with their robin's blue egg colored namesake sports a brick front facade.
It offers a contemporary dining atmosphere in a soothing turquoise and white themed interior with added quirks like birdcages and stylised trees. Very much like how their cafes are styled in Malaysia.

The menu has an East West fusion that give diners a wide range of choices at affordable prices. We are talking about deep dish pizzas to pastas and local delights like their famous Nasi Kerabu.

A hearty offering of grilled chicken covered with red curry, this savoury dish will leave you wanting more. :) And unfortunately, seems as if it's the -only- reason for a return visit, if ever.

This seriously delicious cheeseburger was seriously generous but definitely not as delicious as its namesake. It looked like an awesome choice. With fresh greens, a thick patty covered with melted cheese slice, side salad and fries. However, the beef patty was dry and tasted more of panko than actual minced beef which would account for its lack of juicy bite. The onion relish was well done but too little for my liking. The house dressing would have been better off served at the side. The shoestring fries were a good accompaniment for munchers, especially when the patty would probably be left unfinished. Hmm.

Now I havent had a terrible carrot cake yet. But this just about takes the cake (pun totally intended).
The cream cheese icing was heavy on butter which has a very oily aftertaste.
The cake was crumbly and way too dry.
This was a disappointment and not my sweet ending.

This sticky date pudding was served warm, separate from the vanilla ice cream and the thick, dense caramel sauce. The ice cream was in first sight, definitely one off the supermarket shelves and leaves me little to speak off. The sticky date pudding was served warm in a ramekin. There were no pieces of dates but probably minced and mixed into the batter. I'd much prefer pieces of dates for that extra bite. The caramel sauce was thick, a little too much for our palates. This was sticky indeed and overly sweet.

The atmosphere was brilliant. Quiet with ample seating in a relaxed atmosphere. But if the standards of their food and cake offerings continue as such, it'll only remain a novelty and will no see repeats in customer visits. At least not for me. Perhaps only for the nasi kerabu though. :) I do hope to see the delicious cafe see through their aim of another two new outlets in Singapore living up to the delicious standards of their namesake.

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