Friday, January 13, 2012

There's nothing like fresh. Or generous for that matter.

I'd do sushi takeout from here anyday. :)
First time we are here at novena square 2 for sushi instead of the long favoured nihon mura. For convenience purposes more than anything else.
But wow. When I saw salmon maki that looked like this,
I just had to grab it. Yum :)
They also do lunch sets for affordable prices of $10.80 and up which includes choices like grilled yellowtail head, unagi, codfish which comes with slices of sashimi, complimentary miso soup and green tea which applies for all dine in customers.
What was stopping us all this while?
A simple sushi counter with a seating capacity of probably not more than 20 pax. We had 9 and took up just about half the shop already.
Be prepared to wait too as the staff do everything from cleaning, cashier and of course cooking prep.
But wait you shall. And wait I will.
For quality food that I know will satisfy my tummy for sure :)

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