Tuesday, January 31, 2012

traditions and more

Ever since Grandma has been getting on in years, I've been ordained to take charge of frying the beehoon as a staple during her open house on day #2 of the lunar new year. I used to have to beg for her to let me do it but at least for the past 6 years, she's told me that she cannot manage to fry the beehoon and will I please remember to come early just to get that done. And my aunt-in-law has an awesome glutinous rice chock full of mushrooms and lean meat. Oh so fatty but ohyum! And the funny thing is? She still cooks everything else. We're talking lor bak, 好事發財- dried oysters with black moss, broccoli and oyster sauce, her signatures of curry chicken and ngoh hiang. And did I forget a mandatory scallops, chicken and white cabbage soup? She manages. Oh how she does I don't know. So that's lunar new year lunch/tea/dinner all in one for a whole day's worth.  

This was from House of Crab. And frankly, it was a thin line distinguishing it from edible to crap. Except for the pok chui (crispy crackers) :) This was a terrible Jigocity purchase. And three sets too! 
Thankfully we topped it up with abalone slices and salmon belly.
Made things a LOT better.
I don't know about you but this wasn't just tossing for tossing's sake.
I'm taking it as a salad. And it better taste good. :p

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