Thursday, January 19, 2012

oh don't be such a tart.

There's nothing better than baking with friends or well, baking with people who love to bake. It's the second year in a row that I've been out and about baking just for the fun of it. Last year, it was with my friend's mother and family for their annual pineapple tart making. It was professional, factory styled, made to meet a substantial number of orders. I remember having my tarts QC-ed for thickness and prints. Measuring out flour and sieving packets of it for an entire afternoon till evening without food or drink because it was just too awkward for me to do much else but bake in the company of virtual strangers. I didn't even get to try a single tart. I know, why do I do these things right? :p

This year, it was over at Carol's. She took a day off work to bake and I just wanted to help her out. :) She had absolute trust that I wouldn't ruin anything and left me to work on it along with her. Although she was equally stressed about meeting orders, this was different. I could get my drink, eat some tarts, play with her nephew and nieces. :) I had fun destressing myself after a day of school, marking and remedials.

Getting home, I bumped into familiar faces and hey, that feeling of serendipity somehow makes me happier. It's like a random meeting with people you haven't made plans with. Like my twin who took a bus over from town to Mt Alvernia to look in on a friend that just gave birth. Macritchie was the last place I'd expected to see her at! :)
But of course, the last time I had positive notions of seredipitous meetings, I messed up my own life. Sigh.
Why did things happen the way they did? I keep believing God has a plan but till today, I cannot help but wish you were never part of His plan for me. It's been too long and of course I do wish you well. But there's just that something that still kills me inside. Or a part that has already died.

Sorry, my train of thought carried me farther than I would've liked it to.
About tarts.
Of course, mum couldn't comprehend why I would go all the way to bukit timah to bake for someone else to meet their orders when I could've been home baking with family. I didn't try explaining it to her. But these babies at home turned out pretty well with a new recipe! Well done lil bro!

And no, I didn't have dinner yet again and I boiled these too-cute (!) farfalles up to be mixed with corned beef for a quick meal. :)
This is my start to the lunar new year and I'm totally psyched up for it already!

And today, I was in school till what felt like forever and I missed almost all of this baking fun! :(
Well, I'll never miss out on eating them. Ohmnomnoms.
These literally melt in your mouth.

Orders anyone? :)

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