Thursday, January 12, 2012

never belated. always treasured. :)

Reflected in the menu as squid paste but they probably ran out and we were advised that it would be prawn paste instead. We decided to give it a try anyway and were pleasantly surprised by the taste. Nothing too pungently seafood. The prawn paste was roughly fashioned and had a springy texture with ample bite. The gravy was well absorbed by the beancurd sheets making it a tasty vegetable dish. 

It was a toss up between the beef cubes or the venison of which we were recommended the latter. The wok hei was evident in the ginger and scallions but the venison itself saw either no addition of a tenderizer or that it was overcooked which resulted in a meat texture too tough for my teeth to handle. (Bearing in mind that my teeth are weak individuals, it doesnt mean that it's tough as rubber) :)

Cod never fails. This was a tasty treat! Juicy flakes of fish well marinated with a special sauce that we were advised to be a little sour but worked out sweet. It faintly reminded me of miso marinated cod. And by the way, the charred ends were deliciously sweet like the charred ends of barbecued pork. Now that, should be more than enough reason to order this. :)

The red bean souffle balls did not resemble the picture offerings in the menu. I was expecting dim sum styled deep fried red bean sesame balls but these turned out larger than golf balls. Thankfully though, they were not deep fried to a crisp. The egg taste of the souffle was very evident on my first bite. These were airy and very soft. Almost like sponge cakes. :)
The filling was too little which made the exterior seemed like too much dough. I think it would have been better had their dusting of caster sugar been icing sugar.
But this made for a sweet treat that isn't too heavy on the tummy.

Then of course if you wanted a more traditional chinese dessert, you probably want to choose this taro offering. :)
I didn't see the chinese namesake of this dessert but was intrigued by its unique presentation in a coconut and the fact that I really do like taro. When we made the order and heard that this was orh nee (芋泥) I was pleased as punch!
And when it arrived, piping hot in its shell, I was all too excited to open the coconut cover to reveal a milky mix of mashed taro and almond cream!
But this, should definitely be shared. With a few others preferably. I only had one dining partner to share with and she only took one small scoop.
And what's there left for me to do?
EATITALLUP. *licks the spoon clean
Once you pop, you really can't stop.
This was good relief for my cramps but way too heavy for a 930pm dessert option.
Eat first, think of the waistline later. :p

Traditional chinese restaurant settings tucked away in a corner on the second floor of novena square 2. This was a good place for a dinner catch up with it's relative tranquility (till a table of 10 sat at the tables next to us). Haha. This is a good venue for families and even for just friends who feel like doing good quality chinese food once in a while.

I had an awesome dinner with good food and great company.
Thanks SC for taking time off to celebrate my birthday for me year on year.
My spiritual, emotional and physical hunger are very well satisfied and blessed by your friendship. :)


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