Friday, January 06, 2012

First fall in Roma

Taking a walking trail in the late afternoon starting from the Patheon, to the Trevi Fountain, Piazza Navona and to the Spagna metro station which overlooked the Spanish steps. It was tiring but we felt accomplished- covering quite a few tourist sights in just a couple of hours. It looked like a lot on the map probably that's why.

Coming back to the place where we stayed near the central station, Dad needed his Chinese fix. Mum probably did too so we split up and went out separate ways.
When in doubt, go back to enquire with the hotel.
Taking a card with a 20% discount, we were glad to walk just around the corner for dinner. It was late and we were tired.

A complimentary bruschetta. What a nice gesture. Plump tomatoes. But very dense and stale bread. Typical of all Italian establishments.
Don't bother looking for Gardenia. No one eats olive oil with those. ;)
Most or perhaps all the tables around us seemed like they had the same discount card.
Something was amiss. Hmm.
Well, how would we know if we didn't try?
First fall.

Deciding on a pizza main was easy. I wanted olives. Eggs, artichoke, mushrooms and salami sounded like awesome pizza toppings too!
Alas, it was served semi cold. :(
Pizza loses out when served cold. Where was my stringy mozzarella?

Now this, was piping hot. And the ugliest lasagne we've seen. Haha.
A better word might be homestyled. :p
This was full of tomato sauce (tasting like it was out of a can), random bits of meat (random being code word for measly and unnoticeable maybe) and it's saving grace was stringy cheese. :)

This definitely needed a discount or patron rates would be equally random (codeword: nonexistent) on most nights!

What made it worse? Dad and mum had xiaolongbaos, stir fried veg and mushrooms and fried rice for a 2 pax set that was cheaper that our substandard dinner. Why oh why.

And while we're on that point, chinese food is really pretty affordable in Italy. Fear not, my dad the chinaman at heart survived our ten day escapades without starving! :)

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