Wednesday, January 04, 2012

some call it florence. let's call it firenze.


"There's a pizzeria just around the corner that serves affordable food. They won't be trying to cheat you of your money." says the wrinkly old man with kind eyes that settled our check-in into Sorggiorno Madrid.

A tomato based seafood pizza with fresh, chewy, translucent squid pieces.
There was surprisingly no cheese on this.
How strange for a pizza to be without cheese.
It was light, thin crusted and crispy, fresh toppings and it definitely tasted good!

And here begins our love story with risotto.
A tomato based seafood risotto. They were so generous with the seafood!
The arborio rice was infused with many levels of flavours.
The musky taste of olive oil, sour tang of tomato and the smell of the sea.
This was a risotto to be remembered.

The home of carbonara. Chunky strips of bacon and pasta married by a coating of luscious cream.
Made better with a few turns of the mixed pepper grinder.
It was simple. And very filling for one person.

Was this the end of our dinner at Jacopino?

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