Saturday, December 01, 2007

what's been keeping me busy? my favourite little girl and sweet boy. yeah so i'm biased. i'm gonna be crap as a teacher next time. :/so sue me. a 3 day camp which by God's grace went amazingly well. everything was -just- nice. the weather was good. the games were good. the food was err. edible. the kids were bearable. haha. the centre had aircon comfort. the calendar making was well received. the kids loved the camp theme song. it couldn't have been any better. :) i say this on hindsight. i'd be lying if i said that at no point in time did it become trying. the hours were sometimes too long. the energy levels weren't on a permanent high. but that's my own fault not eating properly. working on that. :) i had a good dinner out with the gfs on wed. and my eng class outing last night. even if the conversation revolved about english and pedagogical principles. hahaha. thanks for sending me home :)

that was some power packed three days. and you thought saturday was rest day? nooo. i had to crawl up at 620 this morning to make it to ac in time for the SATs. something i hadn't done in close to a year. more than actually. it wasn't so bad. my energy store was completely depleted at auntie wan yee's place. i nodded off more than once. sigh. and does my day end there? nahuh. dinner was at jumbo east coast. bad move. my bad. it took us an hour to get there and half an hour past our original reservations. of course we had no seat. but people relations are impt w the jumbo staff. look a tad hassled. have a logical argument. and you get a seat in 15 mins. you can try bribery too. if you're with blonde hair and blue eyes. that's what my lil bro saw but let's keep that hush hush. hahaha. sigh. what it takes to get dinner at jumbo. it's been a crazy week. peeling prawns. always gonna be on my mind. :)

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