Monday, December 31, 2007

myth: all wakeboard instructors are hot. not busted! hahaha. they are. i like shane. he's so smiley :) but he makes you fall. not on purpose of course. he drives well. and he teaches well :) so wakeboard #2 was mission accomplished! crossing the wake. and falling right after. hahaha. we did longer sets this time. and yeah, it's really true. once you master standing up, it comes naturally. i thought i'd be starting from scratch again this time but nah uh. more time up than down. yay!
and hello jumbo. daddy does make it a point to celebrate my birthday. :) i do appreciate. and yeah. ray came along. meet the parents. hahaha. daddy talked lots! haha it was very strange. but it was a nice dinner. glad i settled your seafood cravings. :)
my sunday was nonstop exciting. and dead tiring. holland v for dessert with the ac ppl at nydc. well they eat. i just drank. i was fulll man. but wasn't aching. not till today. when my neck, arms, back and thighs are achybreaky. thanks for bringing me home ben. :) and marv for being the sweetest girlfriend sending me a cheery sunrise in the morning and homemade stickydate pudding at midnight before she left for taipei today. i'll be strong :)

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