Friday, December 07, 2007

waking up to rainy skies wasn't so bad on thurs when it meant brunch at wantousek. it was a pleasant surprise being a place on my to-go list but not actually having gone there yet. but there you have it. yammm cake :) grandma had her bone density check up and then a nice n lazy nap before my very exciting dinner. when it means dragging myself out at 7ish. it definitely means it's gonna be good. waraku @ central :) i liked the view. not tt we looked at it much. i loved the people. the people there, the people w me. 'm definitely going back. even if it closes at 11. i think we'll do xmas eve there :) n because yx n i aren't too much into drinks, the boys hung out with us at hk cafe. 2am ish at cine was a first for me. CINEleisure not simei like scott heard. hahaha. a fish horfun with less than cooked fish, a black sesame dessert they warmed up by adding hot water. hahaha. even w a girl who lived near you n too many familiar canto songs, i missed you but i didn't miss out on good times :) a carwash at 330 am with lots of taxi uncles wasn't even tiring. my morning call regarded as an alarm at 9am was hilarious. n more of this tmrw night at geylang. lovely. :)

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