Wednesday, December 26, 2007

dim sum lunch anyone? so then there were 2 boys and a girl. ray did the ordering. then came ben. and the order? xiao jie, everything times 2 please. hahaha. with normal people? this would've never happened. i've spent enough time out with the boy to feel less embarrassed at chinese restaurants. :)
to my girls, thanks for bothering about my birthday. i know it took some trouble arranging to hang out for lunch. everyone's schedule is crazy. and i appreciate you both waiting patiently for us. :) thanks for the lovely presents. today it seems, i've lost the excitement in tearing open presents. well, since christmas actually. maybe it's just because i know none of the wrappers are gonna have what i really want. but hey, from the bottom of my heart, thanks :) growing old's not easy alone. thank God i have you all to make it a little more bearable. i can't stop the day from coming. more than conquerors! :)

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