Friday, December 21, 2007

what it means to be away in thailand for 7 days. i fly by sq biz class feeling like a traitor. but loving the departure lounge. esp since i had to be by myself for the 1.5h before departure. and mummy posing prettily with her breakfast at pathumwan. :) then there's the dinner cruise on grand pearl. those people stole my scarf :( i was majorly unhappy for a bit. sigh. i wonder if it's a sign. only time'll tell. traffic conditions are unpredictable in bangkok. so we were there a whole hour earlier. watching the world pass by on the waters.

nigel and i being silly. we were in the upper airconditioned deck. food was decent. not stellar. and i did NOT get my sashimi. i was disturbed. it was a one off serving and i missed it. sigh.

i had fun dancing. so did josh. oooh. my brother's pretty good and bobbing along to the music. heh. my night cap consisting of a glass of cold milk at the club lounge before bed :)
stopping by the palace on our way to huahin. the silly monkey that scratched josh and made off with 4 sour mentos it stuffed inside it's mouth. and you wonder what monkeys have for their diet?
lunch near huahin. CRAB fried rice. do you see crab? i see lots of crab. hahaha. it was good. i've never eaten so much fried rice before. and uncle ek has never ordered so much fried rice before either. haha. sigh. us monsters.
and because i missed you. and i wanted to kick myself for losing things.
more seafood. the taugay monster which is me. and a nigel waking up with beckham hair. v cute :) hermit crabs make silly patterns playing with sand bits.
hello huahin and hello hyatt resort. you want idyllic? you'd love this. i liked it.
so near the beach yet not many want to go. their loss. :) nice roast duck noodles. not a fan of duck blood at all.
mmm my first spa retreat. it was a retreat alright. 120 mins. and i fell asleep during my body scrub. hahaha. oops. my fat happy face.
more seafood. and lazy days. i love the life.
dessert at swensens. that;s NINE scoops of ice cream in a fondue set and a millionaire chocolate sundae. mmmmmm. that's between the 3 of us. oh my.
bye bye huahin and it's back to more pathumwan princess days. upgrades on rooms. grandma and i had a living room and mum and dad has parquet flooring, microwave oven, living room and everything. it was mad. hahaha. we missed the laundry shop closing hours on the last night. mum almost had a cardiac arrest. the medical shop lady was the sweetest. she's a lil crazy. and all the more why we love her for it. her hubby sent us to big c on a bike! yeah. me on a motorbike. i loved it. :) wind in your hair. going in and out of traffic. humans. well. in a nutshell. that was 7 days in thailand.

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