Sunday, December 02, 2007

dinner :) daddy went out tonight with uncle ek. he was in town to get a thousand dollar stroller for his unborn baby. ahhaha. he's gonna make such a cute dad. and so i went grocery shopping at thomson plaza today after church. two dishes and a soup. :)
dish #1: stir fried snow peas with chicken. :)
dish #2/ #3: sauteed garlic mushroom medley in oyster mushroom sauce/ yong tau foo soup.
deliberate atas-ness with the names. hahaha. it's just a simple dinner. the brother did a photolog. he made a comment about documenting food and never the cook. aww. :) he was a big help. want the recipes? ask and i'll share. it was pretty easy cooking and cleaning up tonight. :)
daddy bought dessert home. red bean pancakes. :) those sinfully fried guo bings. wok biscuits. but nah. the skin was toooo thick. i need some lavender food centre red bean pancakes. :)

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