Sunday, December 09, 2007

the people whom i started my day at 9ish with :) hello punggol marina and hello waketime :) i can wakeboard! and use muscles that i never even knew existed. hahaha. the world's really small. who'd have thought ys was scott's air rifle capt :)
n from punggol it's down to pine grove at 3pm. bible study was gd :) i really appreciate the time we have together. but i'm terribly sorry i made my girls wait :/ i thought i'd get off at 430 but i only ended abt 530pm. well but we had a good dinner anyways n ice creammm of course. no horrible scooper could ruin our night out. :p
and just because we look very happy :)

then it's off to geylang with the boys. and pam. and home sweet home at 1130pm. i'm tired. but this kind of life? i like. i like it very much.

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