Thursday, December 06, 2007

red bean pancake! :) my busy days. briana says i'm a trooper. i feel like it :) it's amazing how i've managed to go thru so many days of these things. well. since i'm not gonna sit around to be a charity case, i really ought to help when i can. :) and it was good. i haven't been to an old folks' home for a long time. initially i was pretty apprehensive. but there were these ah mas that were just so nice! like they were sociable, and really smiling so genuinely. you can't help but be touched. i liked the feeling. spreading love and warmth really makes a difference. lil cards that we made for the residents. those heart shaped ones are my group's creation. and i made those bows :) pretty pretty when they're all put together.
and the dreadful kids that tortured me to no end. say hello to the pink group. hahaha. i did not choose the color. nor the number of boys in my group. it was terrible being with them. well. sometimes anyways. i got criticised for my sitting posture, eating habits. you name it. they commented on it. sigh.
and even if they were dreadful, they looked like angels while singing at the home. when they were bringing joy to the residents :) well. circumstancial i guess. i hope they liked the camp. it's the last one for a long time yet. :/

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