Sunday, December 23, 2007

sometimes you don't need snapshots to keep the beautiful memories. the boy is home. with mummy's bathandbodyworks sprays. that's my birthday present. :) i dunno what i'd do without him. he leaves jan 16th. and it'd be a long time before i see him for summer. but yeah. making do with what we can now. 3 hours of mad rain at starbucks. and getting my disgusting virus. i'm really sorry for making you ill. mum and dad wanted him at dinner. that's not a bad thing. i thought they'd never ever want to see anyone at dinner ever again. any boy anyway. it's tough getting sick when you get on in years. it just gets to be unbearable. i slept negligible amounts last night. kept waking up to blow my nose. i wake up with a huge pile of tissues next to me. v random post. just one of the days i liked.

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