Saturday, December 22, 2007

the boy whom i loathed. -ed being the operative tense. 1 till 9pm. shopping date part 2. town was mad. as usual. a lil less mad than sunday but honestly bad enough. surviving mad girls in cotton on for close to an hour, we were so close to yelling at anyone and everyone. i had my lips painted various shades of lip gloss to settle presents for 2 girls. i modelled clothes for the soon-to-be-gf's presents. a polo tee that didn't fit. a black devil for xmas? he picks crap presents. and they are promised to be exponentially improved upon over the years. as if i'd believe. lunch at kuriya and dinner at dan ryan's. he feeds me well. :) and because of the crap weather here i am sitting in front of the laptop with a burgeoning pile of tissue wads. i'm not complaining about my life. i'm happy to know you're home. :)

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