Friday, December 28, 2007

aside from the miserable day they call birthday, my dinner was with a bunch of random people. the 7 people at jumbo couldn't be more bizarre. but i had yx and marv with me and that made things a whole lot better. :) birthday dinners at jumbo are becoming quite the norm for me. thank goodness we didn't have it at ecp. some things are better left alone. ray's been the best ever. even if he gives me nonsense presents. but bless his heart. i know he tried :) whoever sits around on their birthday making tonnes of calls to make reservations for seafood not because she wants to eat them but b/c someone else has been having pregnant cravings for them. no cake. no nothing. it's just another ordinary day. i was brave enough to be suicidal. things aren't better. but i guess they are okay. supper at bedok 85 for bcm, orh luak and carrot cake with lots of egg and radish. the boys i hang out with are monsters. but hey, you'll never know that you made my night. getting home at 4am and going to bed happy. it's been a while :)

today was din tai fung with the girls. it's been a while since i've had xlbs. and we had lots of them today. fried wantons, steamed yam buns, steam gu cai buns, xlbs, special braised beef noodles. i'm glad i ate. it's not a chore to eat when you enjoy the company. :)thanks for letting me be quiet. i just needed that sometimes. marina square, millenia walk, it's been a while since i've been there. and well, some places just remind me of you. yay tcc. tummy was a little funny so i opted out. but mmm. azuki freeze was nice! :) ex-gf and zek, i was moody. but moody tired. i wasn't thinking much if at all. but yeah, thanks for hearing me out. the questions that cry for answers are best left unanswered. i don't need a solution, i doubt there'd be one. except to wait upon the Lord. :) i know He has a good plan for all of us. each and every single one of us. 5 years down the road? we'll see.
rush rush rush back to city hall. sisters and steph. :) it meant a lot for all you girls to hang out. it's nearly impossible to be meeting up like that. and yes, i know it's an exception. thank you! :) the merlionster was not very exciting. but yeah, even an hour and a half and getting yelled at by mummy for getting home late was worth it. for good girlfriends who care. steph, even if we havent met since november, you're the best for making the effort. :)
i'm counting my blessings, the sufferings, trials, happy times, miracles. i'm counting them all. and i'm keeping the faith. i trust you. :)

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