Tuesday, December 25, 2007

nursing a nasty cold and achy-breaky body is no fun on xmas eve. but a 930 show and supper at geylang made it all better. :) it's not a movie i would've chosen. and not one that i am gonna rave about. having said that, there's just smth about it that i liked. it's a silly show. bordering near ridiculous. but it tugs at your emotional heartstrings. and mine are a lil too sensitive for my liking, especially of late. thanks for never asking about my tears. and just letting me be. :) and because we were hungry, we had supper at geylang. hello wan tou sek for the 3rd time in a month. hahaha. we got there just as it struck midnight. xmas is pretty surreal in geylang. it just felt like any other normal day save for the random yell outs of merry xmas and one lady in a santa hat. i liked my scallop porridge. and it's the first time i've driven someone else/ someone else's car. and even though i got yelled at the whole way back, i know you trust me enough to put your life in my hands. :) i like christmas. and a very merry christmas to everyone :) bless,

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