Tuesday, January 01, 2008

so i wake up on new year's to my birthday group of people :) well they had dinner w me anyways. and what did we do? we had victor's kitchen dim sum. we queued like for an hour? that's okay tho. it's because we had 6 ppl and we didnt want to be in anyone's way. something along those lines. but that's also because there were 30 tables on the waiting list for wah lok. so yeah. 1 hour was fine. i really think we made an impression. 6 plates of cheong fun, 4 carrot cakes, 4 siewmais and of course everything else. i'm just talking about the ones that have embarrassing quantities. 80 odd dollars. was a good meal for everyone :) glad the queue was worth it. yx, ben and i went off for shopping.
i randomly met my math prof at borders. where else? the children's book section. he's really nice. he makes an effort to remember people. he knows i'm still unsure about the profession i'm taking on. and he's patient about it. i suppose he's seen enough to know that this is something that can't be forced upon people. nurturing people is more than just a job.
then i go home and daddy has mad cravings for hotpot and hainanese chicken rice. so thien kee at golden mile towers it was! less than stellar hot pot but the chicken and rice was good. :) whatever rocks his boat. he's been on leave for a bit. tmrw too! it's nigel's first day at sas. 'm gonna go too! i hope he likes it :)
i had a good new year. and when everyone leaves, it's just ray and i. we've a complex relationship. we'll see :)

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