Monday, January 07, 2008

at 630 in the morning, it's smashingly beautiful. to take a simplified JCC exercise/ forest adventure to just 5 minutes away from my place. :) it doesnt matter that the place is overfished and almost possibly not gonna catch any fish. i like the morning air. the fresh dew. :) you think i'm nuts for waking up so early. you think i'd be bored to death. but you bring me anyways. i like it. i like the feeling of me alone. of staying quiet alone. :) and even when the sun comes up, you stuff your cap on my head to keep the sun off me. you're mostly horrible and sometimes nice. but you know i'm happy out with you. i like my friends :) then lunch with teresa. yay. she's back from hkg for two days and i'm glad she made herself free for church and lunch :) it's nice. being out with the church girls for a bit. things in hakka have not changed much. but i'm glad i have. to a certain extent. when things get tough, i'm not about to just leave. i'm gonna stick it out. as long as God's there with me. i know i can do it! :) whatever it is. be happy. :)
then gloria jeans with pam. i have not seen the girl since a year back at my baptism. :) yay. almost a year. i'm so happy she texted me for tea. i'll definitely make time for her. and it was perfect. since i was having dinner with the girls. :) thanks for listening out for me dear. i really appreciate it. and i'll keep you in prayer. that's a given! :)
thai express. yay green curry. i think that's the dish i liked most. besides the kangkong. the rest. umm. not so exciting. but well. i'm glad we took time off the meet up. whoever could meet anyways. :) even though i was home earlier than usual. v early in fact, that did not help with first day at school. i slept. thru half of every class i had today. nightmare! :/ well that's over. and thank goodness i get fetched from my doorstep tmrw. yay.

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