Thursday, January 24, 2008

its been a while since i've blogged. school's been a flurry of activities. weekly reflections, lots of group mtgs, assignments, essays and presentations. i thought it was smth insane tt i couldn't cope. esp not w 830 lessons everyday. yes mon to friday. only me. dont even bother asking around. it's just me. sigh. but on the bright side, it's been mon taking a lift from my friend at sembawang and tues to thurs fetched from my doorstep. and most days there's always some activity. lunch, shopping, dinner, doing work at the library together. whatever works really. and i'm blessed to have such happy friends. :) so half of us are in the north and half in the east. most days we're at the east. :) so that was our ikea day. with my big striped polo tee. i loved it. lunch with meatballs, nuggets, chicken wings. mad mad conversation. lots of ideas for the SEED room redecoration plan at NIE. silly comments. happy day.
and nothing beats grandma's homecooked food. and aunt's pasta :) aunt's gonna leave for korea over the cny period. it's gonna suck without her around. well. i hope i get through cny ok. to have it once and to lose it all. as long as you're happy :) bless,

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