Saturday, January 26, 2008

thursday school ended at 1030 but we all went along and did our own things (see prof, group discussions) and decided on a soupy lunch at east coast road- ampang yong tau foo. as usual it was mad mad conversation over substandard yong tau foo. ampang niang toufu. where did the niang come from? what does it mean? niang when used in the context of wine is to brew wine. but you dont brew toufu. but i think it refers to the process of making toufu. then my silly girlfriend asked if it might be someone's family name. or maybe something like, niang, i want some toufu. or something. hahaha. on a different note altogether, i think those shops with no choice for your yong tau foo are just trying to make it seem as if it's "traditional". if you ask me, i think it's just being mean. and giving you stuff that you mightn't fancyor in a more practical sense, giving you food that's really quite substandard. but aye. 5 of us, we managed okay with the selection they offered. ahahha. food is to fill the tummy. three girls and half bowls of rice left. the groan ups shook their heads in dismay. friday cafe cartel at plaza sing. going all the way to the east to pick pat up because she had no school and was rotting at home. :) st louis pork ribs, chef's chicken salad, criss cross fries, chicken wings. it was a nice lunch. i don't know where the conversation comes from. but no one gets left out. they talk and share. it's a nice feeling to just ask anytime you're lost. :) these people make my day. even if i was dying from the worse case of cramps ever.

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