Sunday, January 13, 2008

James 5:16
16Therefore confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective.

Today was the first youth service of the year. and it was dynamic. a radical change from the comfort zone we were so sure and so comfortable in. we always talk about stagnation and wanting to relight the passion for God but it was all just talk. this year's special. and the vibes i'm getting, it's gonna be more than just this one service. i wasn't very comfortable to be honest. breaking out of my comfort zone, being urged to do great things for God. but i was glad i did. youth is not too small and not too big. it's a comfortable size. it's been 6 years and i've left and returned a couple of times or more. but really, there's no other place i'd rather be. my track record's less than stellar. well, kinda embarrassing. i'm sure there's talk but never of the malicious type. and on a different point altogether, i love my mentor. she's just. amazing. she's every bit of a spiritual mother and so much more. she's been around for all my six years and this year, she's really been there for me. all out for me. and for everything else that has happened for a reason- the good and the bad, she's been the blessing that overshadows them all. :) even my mummy loves her. i've said thank you so many times. but the thanksgiving is always from the heart and sincerely true. sometimes i don't think words can cut it. but i know she hears me. verbal/ nonverbal. it's been a wild ride. but looking back, these insignificant baby steps have added up and heck, i've come a long way. and definitely in the right direction. :) keeping on, moving up. more than conquerors. and only by God's grace. :)
it's a first talking so much about religion, about the things that make me who i am. but i just wanted to share. :) the love that comes from above? too much to just keep for myself. God promises abundance! :)

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