Monday, January 28, 2008

mmm. my taste of korea :) it was a horridly tiring day being at school for a practicum briefing that was entirely useless to say the least. so we decided we'll have dinner. and none of us girls were gonna think so we just fell off to sleep and when we woke up, this is where we were! yay. auntie kim's korean restaurant is not cheap food to say the least. and the one who brought us here was also the sweetest in offering to pay. :)
i have no slightest idea where the rest of the photos disappeared to but say hello to kalbi short ribs :) yums. and we had two rounds of kim chi chigae because hot spicy soup was too comforting to miss. besides, they wanted more kim chi and we were waiting for dear pat who came from the east and got lost when she got near. longest dinner ever for 2.5 hours? tired. but happy. :)

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