Monday, January 07, 2008

hotpottt. mine's better :) at least there was taste. haha. i lovee fresh mushrooms! n veggies n tofu! we had everything! almost. my girls had their favourite mushroom hotdogs, salmon, chicken, pork, minced beef. lots! altho z deserves to eat the most since she expended lots of energy in the pool. i did a measly 10 laps. but nah. dinner doesnt just end at the castle. cassie drove. and it's to island creamery we go! that's MANDATORY. not even optional. hahaha. and guess what we had! two whole tubs of ice cream. hello nutella and horlicks :) we balanced our accounts there, took tonnes of photos there, printed our photos there. new wallet gfs. well. new picture. could be new wallet. but same gfs. hahaha. and of course we ATE ice cream there. hahaha. i think we've been opressed for too long. we ate so much. i was waddling after that.

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