Saturday, January 12, 2008

it was a birkies exco day out. from 12 till 9ish. we went everywhere and did everything. :) i don't know about other people. but if i can spend an entire day out with you and share more than just one random dessert or meal with you then hey, you're pretty special to me. and my girls definitely are. we're all unique. special in our own ways. and we sure as heck compliment each other. :) there's just so many instances i can't name them all. so we had an impromptu food trail. we just went wherever and did whatever. we wanted sakae so we went there. jin wanted green tea mochi dessert so we went. we had a nutella bet and so we went. cassie wanted fries and so we did. that's the kind of things you'd do. well no reason really. just because. it's kinda like family and loved ones. that's why they're so close to my heart.

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