Wednesday, November 28, 2007

this was dinner on sunday night. it was supposed to be minced pork and mushroom noodle. but then we parked right outside thomson prata house. and daddy decided he wanted to be unhealthy. i didnt have the heart to stop him from wandering in. so i had indian rojak. while the rest of the world had lots of kosongs and chicken curry. yup. my family's my whole world :) well. whatever daddy wants before he leaves for the week again. sigh.
people >>>>>> important than food. :) first time away from the usual sushi place. we filled our tummies. but it just didn't feel the same. i missed sakae. i know zek did. n cassieboo? we're definitely sakae-ing sometime. :) and the art of groooovy goldmining. :) cassie did the honours cos goli's not back yet. i was just too tired today. just 5 kids. and they totally whacked me out. we did play whacko. :) and capts ball. which i absolutely suck at. and i wonder why tim always yelled at me over capts ball. :p but i liked my night out. ALOT. whee.

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