Wednesday, November 21, 2007

accidents happen. they come in a pair. on my right hand. for roughly 36 cupcakes. i guess that's not such a bad thing. my lil bro's a gd kitchen assistant. he puts on this faux bossy voice and says: "didnt i tell you to use two tea towels to handle the trays? see? now you get burnt. are you okay?" i like having my lil brother in the kitchen :) he's getting pretty apt at taking macro food shots. ditto the ones on the left n right. i took the one right in the middle :) of course he helped more than that. he helped in sifting flour & swirling the nutella in. where would you find a lil brother like that :) the older one? he just strolls in to eat. that's a really big role to play. hahaha.
and we baked today because it was my lil twin's birthday. grandpa thought it was cute that she hopped down from the car and gave me a big hug in the rain. even though i was stinky from all the baking. :) and she loved them. (she'll love them even if they were bad) they drove down from the east to the north just for these. i wish i made them better. but this was a first.
and then there was dinner. hc's birthday was ytd. so there's his miserable cupcake as a stand-in cake :( he liked it tho. and ate it even though he was coughing his lungs out. i like ichiban boshi. they have yummy food at affordable prices. and i liked the company. and christmas lights. and daddy driving me home. :) it was a good day. i hope you liked the cupcake.

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