Sunday, November 25, 2007

so today was gor gor's wedding day. mr jimmy chan and miss felicia lam. he's the strong silent type, she's the little princess bubbly type. that worked out to a 11 year dating relationship. :) that's last year of poly, thru his ns days, her degree days over in aust and working life till now. very sweet. daddy and mummy were really happy to drink the wedding tea. i wish i could make them smile like that. it makes me sad. knowing that they might never get to drink of that.
the wedding dinner was at grand plaza park hotel. tucked away next to peninsula plaza. it's a quaint hotel. nondescript. daddy went to another wedding dinner at m hotel. conincidentally, for both gor gors' weddings, it was just mummy and i. and they had lovely food. we've had it all. lobster, sharks fin, abalone, scallops, cereal prawns, steamed freshwater fish and herbal chicken. yum. i hope they had a lovely night. i know mummy and i did. :)

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