Friday, November 16, 2007

what does such a sweet girl like her have to do with me? she can sign for my visa purchases if she wanted to :) and how did we first meet? let's try to do this from what i remember:

simin (taps my shoulder): "hi! (very happy grin. very cute and bubbly. puts out her hand for a handshake) what's your name?"
me (turns around): "szemin. (apprehensive smile. not very friendly. you should leave me alone. shakes hand anyway)"
s: "oh! (smiles even wider) my name is simin too! (giggles happily)"
m: "oh. (erm. how do i be a nice antisocial?) really? well. hello." (turns back to face the front)

HAHAHA. that's the first day we met and fell in love. yeah right. how can you not love a girl like that. so beneath that unfriendly facade i have. (i felt bad and i did attempt to talk to her afterward. altho i cannot remember how it was like. do you?) and that's 3 months of the same classes that we shared. but the story doesnt end in 3.

hey twin, so that was 6 years ago. can you believe :) we have had our fair share of random dates. remember snoopy place times many? :) and our very hot nokia 8850s. :) but it's always just the twins on dates. spending hours on end together is never an issue. she's an angel. God proved it again this month. thanks for the call dear. it was a welcome respite from all that sch has been piling onto me. and it's the first time i've enjoyed my food in a long time. i really appreciate you. :) love,

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