Friday, November 23, 2007

mama yeo is very cute. dont you think? :) child-like. not childish. we've both got red spots on our noses. i think it's heaty-ness and the stress. sigh. we're gonna look like clowns at the wedding tmrw. :/ and just because you can see that i cut my hair in this shot :) the colors look vaguely surreal. can you guess where?
seoul garden! can you believe. they are now sleek. and much more considerate for the world. no longer will you splatter oil on yourself unecessarily. :) the day was a mad rush. but thank God for times like these when i can just settle down and enjoy my food with my girlfriend. erm. too much meats didn't go down too well with the tummy. hahaha. lots of veggies and mushrooms tho. :)

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