Sunday, November 18, 2007

guess what? :)
our day out in jb. on official business. haircuts for the boys for the wedding this coming weekend and a visit to our favourite optician for josh and i. my eyes have deteriorated. it is tragic. hahaha.
dinner tonight and last night. last night was takeout. we were too knackered after a massive jam for an hour and a half no less on the causeway. i miss takeout zi char at bkt merah. dinner tonight was dine in :) hooked on heads. the parents are hooked. daddy drenched his rice in assam curry. hahaha. it was a good dinner :) i wish i got to fry my bumchigae though. :/
i guess the plan really is to buy my own place. only for the fact that i can't just buy a kitchen. :)

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