Monday, November 05, 2007

cooked lunch and dinner on saturday. a mad rush day. to clear out the shelves in my study room when it's obviously not a good time for me- given all the work that's yet to be cleared for the week. in any case, it was a good saturday. 2.5 hours of work saw the girls finish cut outs for the teddy bears and great fellowship and sharing :) i like young adult secret meetings. haha. the poor teddies are probably not gonna materialize till a long time yet. :/
uncle ek was in town on sunday night so daddy went out for dinner with him. well. we had to have dinner too right? so botak jones it was! you know how it is when time is of the essence and you just feel a tad suicidal? i wanted a quick dinner or no dinner. just to rush my work. but then, family's more important than staring at my laptop forever. i dont think botak jones is anything to rave about. but if you're feeling like some us style diner food, they do well. :) the irony is that some ppl think it's hard rock cafe food at hawker centre prices.

and because i'm loved, i get mee goreng from queen's close. :) the papa yeo spoils me.
no time to breathe. but i had time to take a while to smile when i came upon your drawings.

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