Sunday, September 04, 2011

we're going to the zoo!

 The Splash Safari show at 1030am. :) Phillip the sea lion says hi with a flipperstand!

Feeling a little hungry after the show, we headed over to Ah Meng cafe for a quick bite. 

 And oh boy, was it a quick bite. The Dim Sum combination came at a pricey $9.80- for a personal basket of dim sum items consisting of a charsiew (roasted pork) bun, 2 siew mais (pork dumplings), 2 har gows (prawn dumplings) and a crystal pau (with turnip and black fungus). None of them were edible. Neither was the small bowl of chicken porridge accompanying the bamboo steamer of dim sum. The good news however, was that the other local treats on offer, the laksa and nasi lemak looked and smelt a lot better from what my nasal senses have gathered from the neighbouring table. :)

On to the next show at the Asian Elephants at work and at play. That's my hand with a banana treat :)

This area was made up of small little huts, probably 5 of them and they were brimming with enthusiastic tourists or employees of Far East Organization at their Family Day Event at the Zoo.

We got our chance at up close and personal after the show which we had to watch while standing up since there weren't any seats left. But happy campers we were. For $5 a basket, we had an assortment of carrots, apples, bananas to feed the elephants.

 And we caught our third and final show of the day, The Rainforest Strikes back, right where we started at the Shaw Amphitheatre. Since it was raining, we stayed on for the photo taking sessions with the cast of the show, including a pretty gentle snake. It was a first for me. And nothing like the usual cold leathery feel. It was cooler than I for sure and smooth to the touch. Nothing traumatic. Look at how pleased I was! :D

My dinner offering was a Salmon Cheese :) Still unable to bite much. If at all.

Pop's Ten-Don. :) Perhaps not the healthiest choice for a 9pm late dinner. But he enjoyed it.

And Mop's Chicken Katsu Don. Not healthy either. It was a real treat to a ravenous woman though. ;)
 And what may this be? Shredded KFC. I have 12 of these chicken pieces in my fridge and I'm thinking of cooking some chicken congee for tomorrow's lunch. :) My idea of a healthy KFC diet.

And if you thought just a Salmon Cheese was too sad for a dinner, I'm happy with my mashed potatoey goodness back home! :)

Semi-liquid diet for now.

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