Saturday, September 10, 2011

what's your favourite food and why?

 We had an activity on in church today. The objective was easy - getting to know someone better from the young adults circle. What better way but to bond over food. :)
We had an afternoon swim just before this, working up a healthy appetite. Lydia originally wanted a prata fix but decided to go easy on me with porridge. At Crystal Jade no less. Apparently she never was a porridge eater till she discovered these congee type porridge at Crystal Jade. Mmm. Preserved egg with lean meat on the left and Preserved egg with fish on the right. And a plate of roasted duck noodles in the background. Good food, company and conversation.

We ended our meal with a plate of 杞子桂花糕- osmansthus flower and wolfberry jelly slices that were a cooling treat for the throats. There's a current promotion for a drink and dessert at $3.80.

Today, I wondered if they used cornstarch in their porridge. Hmm. Anyone has any idea? 

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