Sunday, September 11, 2011

Eating it at where it's at!

Where's your favourite Yu Kee Duck Rice Outlet? I had a hungry mummy so she went ahead and bought this and was sorely upset when we kindly informed her that her $4 dinner order of roast duck and honey barbequed pork is from the same stall that we usually eat back at Bishan. Otherwise, she thought it was good.

Now daddy likes to associate himself with the Teochew Ah Hias. He's definitely on par when talking about pride. :) So he tried out their handmade fish and meatball meepok. Handmade for sure when you look at their balls of various shapes and sizes. Some smaller than others. Some just plain ugly. It's a taste that grows on you. I liked the softness of the fish/meatballs. Some people would rather it be bouncy. To each his own.

And it was a simple decision for me. No need to trawl the food centre. I know exactly what I wanted. 

Eating it where it's at. Bedok Chwee Kueh. :) It's an oily mess and even if it's made with vegetable oil, it's probably not ranking high on the healthier food choices chart. But how can I resist? I'm a kueh everything person. Savoury. That is. We're talking pumpkin, carrot, yam, chwee KUEH. I love them all. But I digress. The chai poh (preserved radish) topping was sweeter than I last remembered. Fragrant with the addition of sesame seeds. The kueh was soft and meltingly tender. A perfect contrast to the crunchy taste bursts of its toppings. Yummydelicious!

Tonight's rendition of the handmade ban mian wasn't what I remembered. It's still got its queues but the soup stock lacked taste. It's been too long since I've been here.

Mummy's made mental notes to try the char kway teow. Daddy's probably going to have the curry noodles. I guess we'll be back here soon enough. :)

What do you recommend at the Bedok Interchange Food Centre?

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