Friday, September 23, 2011

chasing away the school blues

Being back at work on Tuesday was not news well received by my physical, mental nor emotional health.

This was a lifesaver. A densely packed carrot cake.

Not with glutinous rice flour but with white radish shreds that were apparent in every bite. Strips of preserved sausages and a handful of dried shrimp, well fried to impart that deliciously savoury taste to the otherwise bland white radish. Topped with a drizzle of sesame oil, sweet sauce and a dash of toasted white sesame seeds.

Hello supplementary classes till 3pm. I fear you not. :) 

Then there was more at home for dinner! Not carrot cake of course.

This is grandma's mushroom chicken rice one pot wonder.

First, smashed knobs of ginger are fried till fragrant in sesame oil.
Then add the chicken to the wok. Dark/ Light Soya sauce to taste. Note: I use mushroom sauce to avoid using too much soya sauce. Stir fry till half cooked.
Add thickly sliced chinese mushrooms and leave to boil till the liquids have almost all been absorbed.
Transfer into rice cooker, mixed well with uncooked rice.
Stir the ingredients with rice once in a while to ensure all grains of rice have been sufficiently coated with gravy. And leave till rice is cooked. The smell. Is enough to whet any appetite.
And I guess what's left is to...

Simply. Enjoy.

Home is where the heart is :)

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