Tuesday, September 06, 2011

heart bistro

It was a mad rush to get to Palais Renaissance for a dinner appointment tonight. I gathered my frazzled senses- no thanks to the power walk from Orchard MRT, as I walked the stairs down to the restaurant. I was LATE. Hmm. Only two tables occupied. One of which was my dinner appointment. Mmm. What I would give for a moment's respite amongst the dinner queues and hustle/bustle of town. :) A refreshing shot glass of juice was served to cleanse the palate. Between the three of us, we shared-

Poached seafood with buckwheat soba in clear soup. A dish by any other (preferably shorter name) would taste just as healthy. :) Nice medley of fresh seafood but they could be more generous with their offerings in tandem with their price tags. The greens were green, less of the fact that they were fresh, more of the fact that they were undercooked. The soup was surprisingly tasty given that it was a clear soup base. A light yet tasty main choice selection.
So how could we resist a bit of indulgence with the beef cheeks? On contrast, a very uninspiring name for a dish many have raved about as a signature offering. It was served warm. Perhaps simply reheated? The top of the meat offering was too dry. There was the forked tenderness many have spoken of, but its uncanny resemblance to the braised pork trotters left me feeling disappointed with this choice of mains. The bed of mash was tasty. Fluffy light potatoes, seasoned with herbs. The mushrooms were a nice addition as well.

We finished off dinner with the sticky date pudding. Not high on date content. Pun not intended. It would've been much better off with more palatable offerings. Random green pistachio bits added on to a brown sticky date and white vanilla ice cream took earth tones to its bare minimums along with our appetites for dessert.

Perhaps I would return. Perhaps.

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