Sunday, September 25, 2011

jumbo @ dempsey

This was a first in more ways than one. Lunch at jumbo. Cell birthday celebrations at Dempsey. Jansen's promotional treat for the September babies.

We love Jumbo. My family, that is. I probably have a million photos of at least 4 jumbo outlets that we frequent. Alright. Maybe not a million but at least a hundred? Keyword. Frequent. And frequent we did. There was a year when any reason made a good reason for jumbo. It got progressively ridiculous. Oh! It's Josh's graduation. Oh! This month's offer is 50% off the geoduck. Oh! I feel like eating crabs (mum says). *rolls my eyes for all three times and more. For that year alone, we were making calls for reservations monthly. Dad probably clocks twice that amount of visits what with his business clients loving seafood dinners. Especially the iconic chilli crab.

So let's talk crabs. This is what I love and don't particularly fancy all at once about Jumbo. The chilli crab sauce and the crab itself. In that order. I love the generous eggdrop peanut chilli sauce. It's a taste I haven't found replicated as well in any other seafood restaurant. Not that I've tried many since well you know, we LOVE jumbo. Dempsey scored top of the list when it first served the chilli crab in a crock pot that kept the sauce hot for an extended period of time. And the crab? It's well, good but. I've got an issue with my teeth and I wouldn't eat it unless I had to or if i felt like having any. If life gives you chilli crabs (that you don't want to eat)...

Make chilli crab sandwiches! :) Chasing away the monday blues with a little bit of fire and spice for mom and my lil bro. But I digress.

So of course jumbo is more than just crabs. Not the usual fare my family orders but they were all treats for the tummy. Clockwise from top left: Well fried sambal kangkong with no taste of muddiness and a healthy amount of spice. Venison with ginger and spring onions. Tender cuts of meat tasting like a cross between beef for it's red meat taste and chicken for its tenderness. Claypot tofu with a generous serving of assorted seafood aside from just egg beancurd comprising of prawns, fish, squid and scallops amongst the vegetables and tofu. Then there was the crispy roast chicken. Crispy. Check. Roasted. Check. Moist and juicy chicken. Check! I'll take this over KFC anytime.

And all this was Jensen's treat for his promotion on a Band One Grade. It's not a primary school subject we're talking but an appraisal grade in SGX. Well done you! :)

A very happy birthday celebration for the four September babies from my cellgroup, with a Tiramisu from Breadtalk that was a perfectly light ending to an otherwise heavy seafood meal.

That was probably a jumbo sized bill that it totalled up to for all 16 of us. Thanks Jensen. You know we're praying for your future promotions already. ;)

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