Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Mardi Agro Technology Adventure Park

This is not a slack jaw operation. And probably not the best idea of a fractured jaw recovery celebration but hey, I'm here in Langkawi with thanks to Safra's, Tourism Malaysia and LADA (Langkawi Development Authority). I'll make it good.

What was I thinking coming out to the jungles of Langkawi and behaving like Tarzan and Jane?
"Welcome to the MARDI Agro Technology Park and the million steps that lead to nowhere. I will make it down the flying fox and I will take my personalized aerial view of the jungle and keep an eye out for Tarzan…"

"That's if I keep my eyes opened for the ride." I muse to myself as I hopped up the steps following close behind to our facilitator, John.

Camouflaged by the leaves in this forested area, I spot an orange netted bridge connected to a wooden platform above ground while he helped me with the safety seat harnesses and carabiners.

That's easy.

What they neglected to tell me was that I had to get through the netted Burmah Bridge and two other high rope adventures- the Crazy Step Ladder and Postman's Walk to get to the double line Flying Fox.

Oh the horrors.
(Thanks Darren! photo credits)
Thank goodness for soft-spoken John. He gently encouraged me through all three elements before my trembling legs made it onto the last platform where Bahari stood. The man himself, who built the double line Flying Fox from his experiences from serving in the Melaka army, complete with a motorcycle tyre that serves as a safety stop at the end of the zip line.

Not everyone's a jungle child and that's where ziplines come in. The flying fox takes you on a 200 yard ride from tree to ground at speeds of up to 40km/h.

"Put your legs out in an L-shape when you go down. My son down there. Najimi. He'll make sure you are safe." He assures me as my legs take on a mind of their own to stay put on the platform. I hesitated. Double checked the pronounciation of his son's name and held on for my dear life till I finally removed my feet and took the leap of faith.

Excuse me while I catch my breath and put my heart back to where it almost popped out from its place.

Well. I did it! No Tarzan, unfortunately. No need to see the photos of the most unglamorous Jane in the history remakes of Tarzan either. They just need to know I tried out for the part.

Twice. :)

Six of us went up and six of us came down. Exhilarated. Cue Bachelor Girls interlude "So I walked under a bus. I got hit by a train. And it felt so good. I wanna do it again!" Appropriately inappropriate.

P.S. Planning on going over to Langkawi to try it yourself? Safra's offering a 4D3N package right here. :)

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